And the Story begins....

Hi Everyone! Nice to meet you!

Curious about the woman behind Piece of Rina?
Let me introduce myself and let's have a little throwback to my childhood. Because that's where everyone's story begins. 
 ''My name is Sabrina, 6 years old and fond of drawing, as you can see from this cheerful self portrait that shows me at my awesome birthday party🙃🎉''
Back in the day I drew myself like a quite 'fashionable' toddler, with a detailed, multi-coloured outfit and my little handbag. Also check the little bunch of grapes on my skirt🙃
Now, 28 years later, I don't draw self portraits anymore, but my love for clothing, details, colors and a little party still exists 😉

Life is crazy, dress like it

 To be honest, I am not the standard shopper myself. I have a weakness for flea markets and second hand stores. I don't want to wear the same as everyone else or blindly follow the trends. I like to discover beautiful things that touch me and with which I can express myself. 
So I always had the feeling that I didn't quite find the perfect pieces in the standard stores and that I was looking for alternatives. But the idea of having a clothing store myself had never occurred to me. Untill at a certain moment, due to health problems, I started to think more about what would make me really happy, and I wanted to start my own project. I got a kind of revelation and everything fitted together;

my original sense of style, my eye for detail, beautiful things and my heart for nature. 


Fashion for Fierce & Feminine women

 This was the start of a clothing store that is different from others. Why is that? 
At Piece of Rina I offer you an eclectic mix of styles and labels with one thing in common: powerful and feminine designs. 
 My goal is to surprise and inspire you, and offer more than just clothes. I want to help you look and feel beautiful.


Unique designs-Surprising combos

So that's how this webshop started. I combine the beautiful worlds of Vintage and New and offer you the best of both worlds. The fact that it's non-standard clothing fascinates me and hopefully you too.
It's all about clothes that make you happy and that you can't wait to put on.

Every piece deserves a little stage

If we look at one specific item of clothing, it is acually unbelievable what steps have to be taken to realize for example a cotton jacket; the harvest of the cotton plant, spinning the yarn, the weaving process, create and cut patterns, sew together and attach zippers, buttons and pockets. So much work and effort has been done. 
Unfortunately, clothing has often become a disposable product and people always want more and new clothing. 
At Piece of Rina, we think every piece deserve a little stage. In anwer to the fast fashion and disposable culture,I think it's important to take care of and cherish every piece of clothing.
My philosophy is: you can wear a piece of clothing for every occasion, as long as you style it. So more fun out of one piece of clothing.  

Can't wait to make you shine!

You will find the best handpicked Vintage pieces, unique Eco-labels and creations of young talented designers.
Wonderfull clothes are waiting for you. 
So, beautiful lady, let's be inspired and shine on! 
Lots of Love